Paddles and Oars

Carlisle Paddles

Carlisle Magic Mystic Kayak Paddle

The Carlisle Magic Mystic kayak paddle is available in Cloud and Sunrise colors with a black shaft and comes in 220cm, 230cm, and 240 cm. The paddle features a durable aluminum shaft and is an affordable / reliable introductory paddle. Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades are efficiently designed and offer impressive power when on the water.

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

The Carlisle Magic Plus kayak paddle is a more advanced paddle built for touring. This kayak paddle is available in Cloud and Sunrise bload colors with a black shaft and comes in the paddler's choice of 220cm, 230cm, or 240cm. The 220cm paddle weighs 39.8 oz. The curved blade allows for a smooth powerful stroke.

Carlisle Ausable
Wood Canoe Paddle

Carlisle Ausable Wood Canoe Paddle
The Carlisle Ausable Wood Canoe Paddle is a good choice for paddlers looking for an affordable spare or an all purpse wooden paddle. The Ausable is made of basswood and laminated for durability. It is available in 36", 42" 48", 54", 60", 66", and 72" options.

Carlisle Economy T-Grip
Canoe Paddle

Carlisle Economy T-Grip Canoe Paddle
The Economy T-Grip Canoe Paddle from Carlisle is an affordable, effective, all purpose paddle. An 8"x20" polypropylene blade, a tempered aluminum shaft with 13" plastic handle, and a T shaped grip give you the ability to add power to every stroke with comfort and ease. This paddle is available in 48", 51", 54" 57", 60", 63", and 66" options in Black, Green, Red/Black, and Yellow/Black. The Red/Black and Yellow/Black paddles are only offered in the 60" size.

Carlisle Trekker
Bent Shaft
Canoe Paddle

Carlisle Trekker Canoe Paddle
The Carlisle Trekker Bent Shaft Aluminum Canoe Paddle comes in a 48", 50", 52", or a 52" length and features a high impact polypropylene t-grip and paddle. The 14° bend in the tempered aluminum shaft gives you more power in your stroke and is designed for smoother entry into the water. The Trekker is lightweight at 26.5 oz in the 48" Model. It is available in Black or Green.

Harmony Paddles

Harmony Shadow
Bent Shaft
Wood Canoe Paddle

The Harmony Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle is constructed with a durable combination of walnut, ponderosa pine, and fir for a great look and awesome performance. This lightweight 25 oz. paddle with a 10° bend in the shaft adds propulsion to every stroke while minimizing fatigue in calm and mild waters. This is a highly useable paddle in classic and classy package. It is available in 48", 50", 52", and 54" options.

Seasense Paddles

Seasense Wood Paddle

Seasense Wood Paddle
The Seasense Wood Paddle is available in 3 size: 3.5 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet. This wooden paddle is an affordable option for canoes. The classic wooden feel of the paddle is complemented by a varnish finish and a contoured grip.

Shoreline Marine Paddles and Oars

Shoreline Marine Rounded Blade 96"

shoreline marine rounded blade 96 inch paddle
The Shoreline Marine 96" Rounded Blade Kayak Paddle is an affordable, effective introductory paddle that will get you out on the water and keep you on budget. This two piece paddle breaks down easily for transport, and adjusts for three different positions to fit your paddling style. The shaft is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum. The paddle features contoured blades for added power and foam grips for added comfort.

Shoreline Marine 6' Aluminum Oar

Shoreline Marine Aluminum Oar
An awesome value at under $20, the Shoreline Marine 6' Aluminum Oar is often purchase in pairs and grouped with a set of oarlock sockets and horns for a simple paddling experience. This heavy duty oar is made of lightweight aluminum featuring a 1¼" shaft with high impact, molded, curved blades.